Rachel Zimmermann, Monique Lhuillier – Bridal and Ready to Wear Sales Consultant

I-work-for-the-coutureOur purpose there was to showcase our new bridal line Bliss by Monique Lhuillier. We had a total of 3 models that we had brought in to showcase our designs. We used Spa Connections beauty and hair styling services to make our models look bridal ready. Their services were spectacular. Each individual hair stylist created unique hairstyles and fit perfectly to the specific design feel that each dress had. The make-up artists made the girls look glamorous but still had a natural feel all at the same time. Not only was the outcome above and beyond what we had expected, but the make-up artists and hair stylist were so nice, out going and knowledgeable. I recall one of our models asking about a particular base foundation that was being used and if it would cause break-out on her face. The make-up artist knew the exact contents that were in the make-up and know how it would react to that individual’s skin. All in all their services were magnificent. I recommend them first to any bride that I have that is looking for a place that can do her wedding day hair and make-up.